Our Research

WACCE conducts research with cross-cutting themes on West Africa including work on Violent Extremism, Local Conflicts, Youth Unemployment, leadership and Inclusive Governance,  Media and Technology and Security Institutions, among others. These research works generate ideas and analysis and stimulate debates on issues on West Africa. Our work is grounded in human security framework that prioritizes preventive and humane response to security and governance issues. 


Our recent research report Ghana’s Exposure to Violent Extremism – WACCE May 2022  on the VE threat to Ghana highlights that Ghana has been more exposed to the threat than at any other time. 

Violent Extremism

The arrest of 33 suspected terrorists in the Northern Region of Ghana is premised on the suspicion that some of them have links to extremist groups in Mali and Burkina Faso.


White Paper

Security and Governance

Chieftaincy and ethnic conflicts continue to feature as major security challenges facing Ghana. These challenges create vulnerabilities for other security challenges if they remain prolonged and unresolved.


Click here for more: The Challenge of Chieftaincy and Ethnic Violence – A Challenge to Peace in Ghana.

Country Security Summary: Ghana Security Summary 2021.

Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment remains a major challenge to governments all across the region. More than half of the West African demography is made up of youth under 35 years. With limited opportunities, they are suggestible to extremist recruitmtent and violence. WACCE contends that terrorism in West Africa is largely a manifestation of the anguish of unemployed and disgruntled youth and citizens who have lost faith in their states’ ability to provide them with the full entitlements of citizenship

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